Driving in wet weather


Winter is well and truly here along with lots rain!

Take care to drive safely in the wet weather by:

  • stay informed – check main roads twitter or other traffic updates to see if there is flooding or accidents along your route.
  • slowing down – posted speed limits are set as a maximum. Drive according to the conditions and reduce speed when raining.
  • maintain a safe distance – allow plenty of room between the car in front as wet roads offer less grip. Wild weather may also leave debris or large puddles on the road causing drivers to brake suddenly.
  • brake softly – harsh braking can lead to loss of vehicle control on a wet road. Brake progressively to keep traction on the wet road
  • avoid large puddles – cars are not boats. Try not to drive through water more than a few centimeters in depth and avoid large puddles that can mask trouble on the road. If you must drive through deep water, slow down gently, maintain control over the steering wheel and have the vehicle pointed to the direction you want to travel.
  • do not use cruise control – the vehicle may sense the build up of water as a slow down and ask for more power causing a shift down in gear and increasing the build up of water under the tire.

If you do lose traction while driving on the wet road (hydroplaning), do not panic and do not brake suddenly. Release the accelerator slowly to slow down and steer the vehicle towards an open space.

Labour Day

We all love public holidays, what ever the occasion may be. And lucky us there is one just around the corner – 6th March 2017 is Labour Day!

But have you ever stopped to wonder what is Labour Day?


These days we may think that the 8 hour working day is too long. We always look forward to the weekend. Little do we realize that today’s 8 hour working day was brought about by much struggle.

In the early 1800s, the normal working day was long and arduous with some working 12 hours a day, six days a week! Many Australians saw the need for better and fairer working conditions. On April 21, 1856, stonemasons at the University of Melbourne marched to Parliament House to push for an eight-hour working day. An agreement with employers for a 48-hour week was eventually reached and Australian workers welcomed the new eight-hour day. A victory march was held on May 12 that year and each year after that. In 1879 the Victorian Government made one further step towards better conditions for employees by proclaiming a paid public holiday that year.

Now we can enjoy this public holiday visiting the coastal region, fishing and camping, having a BBQ, spending time with friends and family.

So as we enjoy the upcoming public holiday on 6th March here in Western Australia, let us also commemorate the granting of 8 hour working day for Australians and recognize worker’s contributions towards this nation’s economy.

And who knows, perhaps in the not so distant future, there will be a push for 4 day working week as we adapt to this fast paced, technology driven world.

Whats On in February 2017

School holidays is over, but that doesn’t mean there is less to do in Perth!


While visiting all the great places in Perth, maybe you can pop in to see a few a these –


Perth International Arts Festival (10Feb – 5Mar)

Theatre, circus, music and more! Check out their list on their website, some events are free!



Jazz in the Park Kalamunda (02Feb – 13Apr)

Enjoy sweet smooth sound of jazz under the stars. Free event

6-8pm every Thursday at Stirk Park, Kalamunda



South West Craft Beer Festival (11Feb)

The best of South West breweries come together for celebration of the region’s produce, music and of course beer!

Old Broadwater Farm 56 New River Ramble, Busselton, Western Australia, 6280



Sunsmart Busselton Jetty Swim (11Feb – 12Feb)

The SunSmart Busselton Jetty Swim 2017 event will be held over two days, with activities and family entertainment for everyone. The swim itself will take place on the Sunday morning. This event is regarded as one of South West Western Australia’s most famous sporting events.

Busselton foreshore, Busselton



Perth Makers Market (19Feb)

The upcoming event will showcase the wares of 150 of Perth’s most talented artisans, including passionate woodworking artists, creative fashion and accessory designers and talented painters and sculptors.

9:30am – 3:30pm, Heathcote Natural Precinct, 58 Duncraig Road APPLECROSS