Summer days are coming! Lovely beach weather and sunshine all around!

But no one wants to be fried when they get into their car after a long day of being parked outside. Here are some tips to keep your car cooler so that you can enjoy your summer –


1. Use to sunshade of sun visor

It’s a proven method. The small amount of time it takes to put it up is sure worth it especially if you need to leave the car parked out in the sun for more than a few minutes. Keep your car even cooler by putting shades on all windows – including the rear!


2. Park in a shady area

Seems obvious but it’s true! If you’re lucky enough to find a shady spot, take it. If you only get part shade, try to have the shade over your car engine – which allows air con to run cooler faster or over the dash so you don’t have to touch hot vinyl when you enter.


3. Cover your steering wheel with a towel

Hot steering wheels no more! Simply cover with a towel to keep it cool and ready to drive.


4. Throw blankets or towel over your seats

If your car has vinyl or leather seats this makes a big difference. You are well aware how hot these materials get when they are left under the sun. Sometimes it would make you jump back up as soon you sit down! Covering your seats in blankets or towels will help keep the surface cool for when you return.


5. Leave your windows slightly open

Leaving your windows slightly open will promote ventilation and keep your car cooler. Just make sure it is not big enough to let an arm pass through! If you don’t feel safe leaving your window open, you can invest in a solar powered fan which draws the hot air out of the vehicle. You can get ones as little as AUD$9 from eBay.