Winter is well and truly here along with lots rain!

Take care to drive safely in the wet weather by:

  • stay informed – check main roads twitter or other traffic updates to see if there is flooding or accidents along your route.
  • slowing down – posted speed limits are set as a maximum. Drive according to the conditions and reduce speed when raining.
  • maintain a safe distance – allow plenty of room between the car in front as wet roads offer less grip. Wild weather may also leave debris or large puddles on the road causing drivers to brake suddenly.
  • brake softly – harsh braking can lead to loss of vehicle control on a wet road. Brake progressively to keep traction on the wet road
  • avoid large puddles – cars are not boats. Try not to drive through water more than a few centimeters in depth and avoid large puddles that can mask trouble on the road. If you must drive through deep water, slow down gently, maintain control over the steering wheel and have the vehicle pointed to the direction you want to travel.
  • do not use cruise control – the vehicle may sense the build up of water as a slow down and ask for more power causing a shift down in gear and increasing the build up of water under the tire.

If you do lose traction while driving on the wet road (hydroplaning), do not panic and do not brake suddenly. Release the accelerator slowly to slow down and steer the vehicle towards an open space.