Are you an overseas visitor planning to visit Perth or maybe to move to this beautiful city of ours.

The rules of driving in Australia are different to the rules in other countries, and they’re very strictly enforced. It’s good to familiarise yourself before you hire or buy your vehicle.

Important rules to remember

  • In Australia we drive on the left hand side of the road
  • Speed limits and distances are express in kilometres rather than miles
  • Seat belts are compulsory.
  • Young children must use appropriate child restraints
  • Always give way to the right at round a bouts
  • Using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving is not allowed.
  • You must allow a 1m gap when overtaking a cyclist on the road if speed limit is 60km/h or less or a 1.5m gap if the speed limit is greater than 60km/h


Where there are no speed limits displayed you can stick to the general speed limit of 50km/h in built up residential areas.

It is important to note some of the rules above you could be hit with a hefty penalty.

Penalties for unrestrained passengers start from $550.00. This includes young children who are incorrectly restrained.

The penalty for using your hand held mobile phone is $400.00 and this includes actions such as setting up GPS or song playlist whilst your vehicle is not parked in a designated parking spot with the engine off. This means the penalty is applicable if you touch your mobile phone at the traffic light even if it is red and your vehicle is not moving.

The penalty not allowing a safe distance when overtaking a cyclist is $400.

All in all, always pay attention on the road. Look out for the the road signs as they should be similar to those in other English speaking countries. Don’t drive tired or distracted. Finding a car that you feel comfortable to drive around in would also take away the stress of driving in an unfamilar road.

If you do require a car hire, be sure to check out Perth Rent-A-Car’s range. You’ll be sure to find one to suit your needs.


Keep Safe!

Perth Rent-A-Car team