Driving in Perth

September 16, 2019 Travel tips

Are you an overseas visitor planning to visit Perth or maybe to move to this beautiful city of ours. The rules of driving in Australia are different to the rules in other countries, and they’re very strictly enforced. It’s good to familiarise yourself before you hire or buy your vehicle. Important rules to remember In […]

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Keeping the car cool in summer

November 8, 2017 Travel tips

Summer days are coming! Lovely beach weather and sunshine all around! But no one wants to be fried when they get into their car after a long day of being parked outside. Here are some tips to keep your car cooler so that you can enjoy your summer –   1. Use to sunshade of […]

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Driving in wet weather

July 14, 2017 Travel tips

Winter is well and truly here along with lots rain! Take care to drive safely in the wet weather by: stay informed – check main roads twitter or other traffic updates to see if there is flooding or accidents along your route. slowing down – posted speed limits are set as a maximum. Drive according […]

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